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24 days

Camels and Melons, Deserts and Oases: Discovering a different face of China in the Country's "Wild West"

25 days

Challenging Ride through undiscovered Central China: From Xi'an to the Yangzi's famous Three Gorges

23 days

Three countries, one unique experience - a challenging cycle tour through China, Laos and Thailand.

Passion for China, Passion for Cycling

Cycle with the China-Experts

CHINA BY BIKE has been organising guided cycle tours in Asia for over 20 years.

On our cycling tours through China and its neighbouring countries you can explore the cultural highlights and the rough beauty of the rural areas, while experiencing everyday culture on every step of the way.

We offer carefully designed long-range trips to satisfy everyone who believes – just like us – that cycling is the best and most authentic way to discover new places! CHINA BY BIKE’s tours are designed for people who prefer an active and original mode of travel over classic mass tourism.

Past customers have loved our tours because of the familiar atmosphere created by small groups of like-minded travellers, experienced Western tour leaders and our friendly local support crew.

A rate of over 50% returning customers proves that we must be doing something right. But we will continue to work hard and keep improving to make our tours the best possible experience for you!

Watch our video to see what it’s like to be part of one of CHINA BY BIKE’s tours!

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Pioneers in China

In 1995, we were among the first tour operators to design cycling tours in China.

During the past 20 years, CHINA BY BIKE has explored more of China’s roads than any other cycling tour operator – we have organised tours through Tibet and the China’s North West along the old silk roads, along the Great Wall in the hills north of Beijing, in the fertile coastal provinces Fujian and Guangxi, we crossed central China’s Qinling mountain range, cycled along the Yangzi and discovered almost every corner of beautiful Yunnan.

All of these regions boast a richness of scenic landscapes as well as distinct cultural features and deserve to be discovered on their own right.

Small Groups and Dedicated Service

Working as tour guides or discovering new routes, all members of our office crew spend time every year cycling through Asia. Thus, all of us are able to provide you with first hand information on our tours.

We will answer your questions in detail and help you find the tour most suitable to your taste and expectations. We are happy to adapt tours to your personal wishes wherever possible.

Responsible Travel

At China By Bike, we keep our company and tours as eco-friendly and socially responsible as possible.

During our tours we are committed to supporting small-scale businesses, minimising ecological impact and respecting local culture.

Since 2010, we are proud to be CSR-certified by TourCert – a certification which demands constant improvement on corporate responsibility issues which we work hard to fulfil.

Unfiltered Exploring

More time to stay in one area and less hopping from sight to sight will make your trip feel like a real holiday and give you enough time to enjoy the cycling as well as properly dive into the foreign culture.

We give our tour leaders the freedom to change some details of our journeys on the go. This autonomy allows guides and partners to adjust the itinerary to the group and to changing local conditions, making all of our trips a unique experience.

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The Three Gorges of the Yangzi, Day 9: Cycling 115 km from Huashan to Luonan.   The terms Yin and Yang, today mostly used in a rather metaphorical way, originate in a very simple depiction: Yin was used to describe the shady side of the mountain, Yang for the sunny …
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Mountain of People, Sea of People
The Three Gorges of the Yangzi, Day 8: Climbing Mt. Hua – Countless steps, countless people, beautiful weather. “Mountain of People, Sea of People” ren shan ren hai (人山人海) is a Chinese proverb which describes a dense and big crowd of people. It’s not hard to imagine that this is …
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Through the Wei River Valley
The Three Gorges of the Yangzi, day 7: Cycling 106 km through the Wei river valley, from Lintong to Mt. Hua. The River valley is said to be the cradle of Chinese civilisation. Archeologic findings suggest that the Han Chinese culture stems from the fertile flatlands between River Wei and …
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Many Faces of China
Three Gorges of the Yangzi, day 5: Cycling 30 km from Xi’an to Lintong, and then to the Terracotta Warriors and back. Today we started our cycling trip! Xiao Yang, our driver, loaded his little truck with our bags and off we went into the direction of Lintong. Although we …
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