Christof Gebhardt *1966, Founder and CEO

Travelling to China has been one of my childhood dreams. Having finished my obligatory year of civil service after high school, my dream finally came true: 1988/89 I spent 16 months travelling through that huge country, discovering its different corners and facets by train, bus, boat and bicycle. On that journey I made the decision to study Sinology. In 1994 I came to China for a second time, this time for a one-year study stay in Chengdu, the capital Sichuan province. In the following years and decades I have organised and lead countless journeys to China.


Volker Häring *1966, Founder and CEO

When I visited China for the first time in 1990, my first cycling experience was a 60 km ride through the desert at Dunhuang, going to the Mogao-Grottoes and back. Since then I was drawn back to China many times. From 1993 to 1995 I studied for two years in Beijing. In the fall of 1995, I went on my first big cycling trip through China together with Christof, discovering the beautiful landscape around Guilin. Now I travel to China up to six times a year, cycling on one of our proved and tested tours, or exploring new possible routes in China and South-East-Asia.


Karl Schlinger *1986 – Director of Sales and Marketing, Tour Guide

Right after graduating from high school in 2005 I spent one year in the outskirts of Beijing, working as a volunteer in school for children with autism. I was greatly impressed to see a place change as fast as Beijing did during that one year. Unchanged since that time is my passion for the Far East – my decision to study Sinology in Hamburg and London was the logical result. Observing Chinas ongoing change while cycling, be it on a big or small scale, in the Cities or in the Countryside, still is one of my favourite ventures.


Dr. Christian Schnack *1980, Tour Guide

An evening spent in the Beijing back alleys belongs to one of my favourite ways to enjoy Chinese life. But I am equally fascinated by the rural scenery of China and its neighbouring countries. Studying Sinology I spent two years in Beijing and later some more time in the villages of Yunnan, collecting material for my Ph.D. thesis on Chinese minority culture. As a tour guide I like to leave room for conversations with local residents or farmers, aiming to convey a true insight into the contrasting lives of the people in Asia.