Many Faces of China

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Three Gorges of the Yangzi, day 5: Cycling 30 km from Xi’an to Lintong, and then to the Terracotta Warriors and back.

Today we started our cycling trip! Xiao Yang, our driver, loaded his little truck with our bags and off we went into the direction of Lintong. Although we were happy to be on our bikes and on the road, today’s focus was on the afternoon schedule: After checking in to our hotel, we cycled another 7 km to the famous Terracotta Warriors.

Using words to describe the sight of the warriors does not do them justice, and neither do pictures. We took our time to absorb all the impressions of the tomb guards designed by Emperor Qin, one of the greatest megalomaniacs that has ever lived.

Just as the countless Warriors each have a different face, modern China is not easy to put into one mold: After coming back from our visit to the historic warriors, we experienced the bustle of the medium size modern Chinese city in the evening: On our way to have dinner we crossed the city square and saw people dance to loud western music, while a group of pensioners sat just a few meters away, practicing on erhu’s (traditional two stringed instruments played with a bow), while other’s sat and watched a soap opera on a huge public LED screen. It is certainly not easy to merge all these impressions into one picture – but we will have another 20 days of time to slowly get a grasp of the many faces of this country.

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