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South of the Clouds

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According to a Chinese saying, Yunnan’s four seasons are all just like Spring. The Southwest province has long been a cultural melting pot, influenced by a multitude of different tribes and peoples. Today, 25 of China’s 55 minorities settle in Yunnan. Stunning landscapes and an unparalleled ethnic diversity make this region one of China’s most fascinating places.

From Zhongdian (aka Shangri-La) close to the Tibetan border we cycle southwards to Dali which lies beautifully between the Cang Mountain and Erhai. On our way we hike through one of the world’s deepest gorges, the Tiger leaping Gorge, we explore the ancient caravan town of Lijiang and trace the traditions of Chinese Buddhism at Shibaoshan (Stone Treasure Mountain). Our journey is framed by visits to Beijing and Shanghai.


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