Right through the Heart of the Chicken

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The Three Gorges of the Yangzi, Day 18: A climb in the morning followed by a sweet 25 km downhill ride to Wuxi. Nice weather.


Step one:

Take a map of the world, search for China, squeeze your eyes a little and let your imagination flow… now, what do you see? Yes! – A chicken! With it’s beak facing East and Tibet and Xinjiang as its tail, could it be any clearer?

Step two:

Make a cross on the map where you believe the heart of the chicken must be.

This is exactly where we cycled today: We crossed the Chicken Heart Pass right at the border triangle of Shaanxi, Hubei and Chonqing province. I always look forward to passing this point, because one of the tour’s most pleasurable parts follows right afterwards – a smooth and scenic downhill ride of 25 km length! Wide and beautiful views into the valley with close to no traffic on the road – this passage will make every cyclists heart jump with joy. At the foot of the mountain we cycled another 30 km through a steep and rocky river canyon and comfortably reached our hotel in Wuxi at 4 in the afternoon.

For dinner Xiao Yang led us to a great spot beside the river, where we ate a superbly seasoned fish and let today’s impressions sink in with a cool beer at hand. Can a cycle tour get any more enjoyable than this?




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