The Three Gorges By Boat

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The Three Gorges of the Yangzi, Days 21 and 22: A day of Rest in Wushan, and a Boat Ride down the Yangzi from Wushan to Zigui.

Today and yesterday, we discovered the Yangzi by boat: Yesterday we sat out to see the “Little three Gorges” of the Daning River. Cycling to Wuxi, we had already seen the Daning. From Wuxi, the River flows South towards the Yangzi. The Little Three Gorges can be found at the last bit of the Daning before it flows into the “Long River” at Wushan. The boat trip down these narrow Gorges, with massive cliffs towering high above the water was very nice and we completely enjoyed that for a change, we could just sit still and let the pretty scenery pass by. Yesterday afternoon was used for reading, drinking coffee and relaxation.

Today, went downstream on the Yangzi: a small, chartered boat took us all the way from Wushan to the Three Gorges Dam. We experienced the scenery of the second and third Gorge, the Wu Gorge and the Xiling Gorge from the water. The captain was very nice and stopped whenever we asked him to slow down so that we could have a proper look cliffs and take pictures. The boat dropped us of just a few kilometres ahead of the dam and after a rather lousy lunch (so, yes, now we finally found a restaurant offering bad food) we took our time to explore the huge site of the dam in the afternoon.

How time flies! Tomorrow will be our last day of cycling – and after two days of sitting and walking, we are already looking forward to this last bit of exercise.


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