Through the Wei River Valley

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The Three Gorges of the Yangzi, day 7: Cycling 106 km through the Wei river valley, from Lintong to Mt. Hua.

The River valley is said to be the cradle of Chinese civilisation. Archeologic findings suggest that the Han Chinese culture stems from the fertile flatlands between River Wei and the Yellow river. Opposed to all most other cycling stages coming up after tomorrow, today was a pretty flat one: Until Weinan we cycled through smooth hills and typical small towns and villages.

After a lunchbreak and a repair stop at the local GIANT bike shop in Weinan, we continued on a very straight road for a very long time, to reach the foot of Mt Hua. To be honest, this stretch of the road is not the nicest to cycle – the mind gets tired after a while and so do the buttocks! Good to know that for the rest of the tour, the landscape is going to be pretty, mountainous and changeable. Nevertheless, we managed to arrive at our destination early enough and had our first very deserved “dirt beer” (that’s the beer you have before having a shower) in the lobby. Cheers!



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