The Yin and Yang of Cycling

Posted By : Karl/ 7 0

The Three Gorges of the Yangzi, Day 9: Cycling 115 km from Huashan to Luonan.


The terms Yin and Yang, today mostly used in a rather metaphorical way, originate in a very simple depiction: Yin was used to describe the shady side of the mountain, Yang for the sunny side.

The elevation profile of today’s stage is simple: One long ascent, one long descent. We climbed the shady side, and rolled downhill again on the Southern, sunny side. One strenuous climb with big energy output and a few too many trucks overtaking us here; one nice and scenic downhill ride on quiet small roads there.

Yin and Yang unite to result in a group of six tired cyclists having a beer on the city square of Luonan as the sun sets.

I am too tired myself to write in more detail about the day. I hope the pictures give you an impression of our ride and I promise to give you more details in my next entries. Good night!


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